Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my old paintings

The previous couple of days have been very very crucial,we were (and still are)going thru the process of transition due to our move ,but my hands cant wait till my painting stuff arrives, mean while i came across three of my old paintings which i had never recorded b4 ...so thought of sharing them ,...they are all oil paintings on 12x14 canvas board.

I named this "slipping stream" cos generally i love to watch a stream slipping through the rocks and i adore the beautiful sound they make ....This is a bob ross inspired work ....wet on wet technique.

I named it serene mountain lake ....the green evergreens always motivated me to paint .. i tried  my best to give them a good shape ..and the lill muddy banks are the illusion a palette knife and invariably mixed paint  can perform.

shoe flower
Hibiscus though commonly considered a simple 4 petalled flower ,,,has a real attractive nature..they have members with different colours in their family ,i love pretty much every one............. this one was for my mom who loves yellow hibiscus.Apart from their beauty they r high in medicinal values though my inspiration was only the looks .
hope u enjoyed this post pls post your valuable comments.


Sudha - Art Admirer said...

beautiful works dear.


reshmi said...

thank u sudha

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