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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

narthana vinayagar

Painting  has always been a pleasure to me ,the same way lord Ganesha 's images have always made me happier
so here is the outcome of that love

before sharing this painting , i must say that this painting was a result of my inspiration for kerala murals

kerala mural is the fine paintings on the walls of ancient temples and churches  in kerala , the subjects mainly being deities and the mythology.

now more on murals from the net

The mural of Kerala is very much related to Dravidian art of Kalamezhuthu. This was much more developed from the customs and religious  rituals . It was the art of sprinklings and filling up of attractive colours inside the outlines of drawings. The architecture and murals are also influenced by pal lavas.

The Sanskrit text silparatna, describing painting and related subjects by Sri kumara must have been a role model for contemporary and later artists. There is no other text instead for it till now, which precisely discuss about the aesthetics and technological aspects of Indian Arts. 


ranjini said...

congratulations Reshmi. looking forward to more updates and may you be on the blogosphere for a long long time.

reshmi said...

thanks alt ranju

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