Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my latest bird potraits in pencil

hi  every one its been very long since i did some detailed blogging  , honestly  pencil shading was not a piece of cake to me ,though i loved to admire other artists work done in pencil ,i could not imagine doing a realistic work in this medium , i recently had the opportunity to learn the basics of pencil shading from Mr.Muthuswamy a proffessor in Govt fine arts college in Chennai .yeah im learning pencil shading from  Malar Institute of Fine arts ,Perungudi Chennai If any one Staying in or around the locality are interested in it could def'ly go for it.
now let me come to the art work 
This is sulphur crested cockatoo done with the 6b, 8b n hb pencils
The most intersting part was the fan shaped crest and the beak.

This is  the tailor bird done with 6b,8b 4b  and hb pencils ,this drawing has lot of scope to learn the texture of the leaf,cotton the stitch ,the background twigs ,the birds position ,its feathers gives lot of room for learning new techniques.the correct differenciation of dark n light tones gives depth to the art.
 This is great pied hornbill,this was done with 6b,8b n hb