Tuesday, March 15, 2016

about my shows so far this year

It feels good to begin a year with an art show at Lalithkala academy...with a really nice team By hand from the heart.I had displayed my work for 3 days there. Most of the works I exhibited were in acrylics. It was indeed an enriching experience.Had a great time interacting with Co artists. It gave me an opportunity  to expand  my circle of friends  in the art world. Here's the snapshot of the show
Acrylic on canvas size 20 x 12 inches
 Acrylics on canvas  30 x 30 inches
It was really good to watch the children happily browse through my aisle 

 It was great to see my  artist friends visiting my exhibit.GS(Ganapathy Subramanyam)at my exhibit
 A serene landscape  in acrylic  size  12 x 20
 It was absolute  blessing to meet the legendary cartoonist and film critic Madan sir  at my exhibit and hear a lot of positive comments