Sunday, December 30, 2012

coffee painting

coffee ...I had least known about the use of it in painting ...until I met  Akila at a Tanjore painting workshop  ,who took classes on various types of paintings.She taught me one style of decorative coffee painting.Painting with coffee is a Thailand art,and its as simple and complicated....i'll tell u how
coffee painting can be done  on handmade paper ,chart,canvas board or a prepared board .The latter involves a list of preparing a hardboard with chalk powder, POP and fevicol .Thats what im planning to explain here .

This involves applying the mixtures on the board, drying  and sanding,after u get a smooth and even texture u trace the image with a yellow carbon ,if u r a person  who love to draw ur own images and dos'nt want to trace ,draw the image on a paper of the same size of the board and trace it, tracing is done to avoid any mistakes on the board, because this is not a forgiving medium.

once the picture is traced ,outline on the lines with 3d golden outliner as slowly and neatly as possible. now make a thick decoction  from coffee add few drops of fabric glue to it and mix it well ,now  depending on your requirement u can make lighter decoctions in separate containers.

To get a good texture u can create it with the help of fabric glue and brush by dabbing it in different angles once it dries u can apply the coffee on it .paint dark areas withmore layers of thick decoction and  light areas with thin layers of light decoction ...and the rest is ur creativity.... here are my twattempts