Thursday, October 24, 2013

my doodles with CWA

In August 2013 I happened to read an article  in The Hindu about a group of artists who join during weekends at places of interest in and around Chennai and sketch on location .It was very exciting for me to know about this facebook group.I joined the group immediately because I realized that i was lagging in my regular painting activity  and I needed a push.

CWA-CHENNAI WEEKEND ARTIST is a group formed by creative and enthusiastic artists from all walks of life,during weekdays they are teachers,architects,engineers ,students,artists last but not least homemakers like me,but they brighten the sundays by sketching on chosen locations.They have been doing this for the past 1 year .The work of each and every member never failed to  amaze me. Till now i was able to join them in 4 locations ,which turned out to be a wonderful learning experience.It was a pleasure to watch  artists bring life to their subjects with simple tools like pencil, pen, ink ,watercolours, pastels are few live sketches that i did on location and few done at home as a part of my virtual participation in the group

This was taken at Guindy Children's park,I saw a grandmother ,mother n daughter having a happy conversation ..which gave me inspirations.microtip pen

This was my first sketch on location done at the  first meeting with CWA @ Semmozhi poonga,I used watercolour pencils to paint this.

This was done @ Childrens' park  Guindy .micro tip pen work
This was done as a part of my virtual participation with CWA .It was a busy weekend and could not participate  thus did this at home ,EE pencil n Micro tip pen work.
Again my virtual participation ...Marina  acrylic on paper
This was done @ the Guindy Children's park episode, Microtip pen work
It was a very interesting experience @ QMC ,this is the interesting spot at the entrance .I did this at home after i learned the use of ink in sketching from a very creative and extremely talented artist Mr.jothi , who patiently demonstrated the style in this session to was a great learning session for many of us.

This was the live sketch i did at QMC ,there was an age old wrecked ,abandoned building ,which captured the interest of many artists there.Through this sketch i learned to apply better perspective especially while sketching architecture.i got a great deal of help  in sketching the front building from a very talented and gifted artist Mr.Venu .

another quick sketch done at QMC ,done with oil pastels...need to work more to attain perfection in this medium

My latest a part of my virtual participation,this was inspired from a picture from Egmore museum episode taken long ago.
I must say about this style ,using pen and watercolor .I learned it from  artists Mr.GS ,Mr.Balaji and Ms.Nithya whose loose strokes can liven up many paintings.After watching them paint I realized that there's no need for crisp and calculated lines to enjoy a beautiful painting.

This was my very first step in paticipating with CWA- Marina's bliss- watercolour on paper,inspired from a photo by Mr.Murali ,who is extremely talented in art n photography.
my experience with CWA is very enriching. I feel fully charged as an artist after every session .The artist in me was on a sleep mode for some time ,thanks to this group for all the motivation. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

URBAN HANDS @ SPACES my first event in Chennai

URBAN HANDS -an artand craft festival happened in Chennai....on 21st April 2013 @ spaces besant was an event for all craft enthusiasist happy that i cud be a part of it,

.here im posting some pics taken at the event

Saturday, April 20, 2013


i wanted to post this long ago but got tied up with some hectic schedules 
Urban hands is an outcome of few enthusiastic crafters from a FB group named Chennai Crafters.I m happy(rather excited ) to inform all  that im participating in this event and this is going to be my first event in chennai..imkeeping my fingers crossed...will keep u all posted with the updates

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

quick paintings

Im deeply in love with landscapes ...just watching them makes me  forget everything around me.
Here are two quick paintings i did recently, they are acrylic on canvas.The first one  was inspired from mt.rainier in seattle....the special 2 years i spent watching and loving this majestic volcano.....this mountain had inspired me to doodle with my brush. I wanted to paint this scene for a long long time ...I could do it only now,the tranquil waters n the reflection really made me ease out my stress.

Tranquill waters at Mt.rainer

The next painting is from Tim Gagnon's tutorial which was made in 1 hour I thouroughly enjoyed the journey .It was real fun to make those trees and shadows. Heres the link to watch the video

Morning Shadows

Hope this post generated some ideas in ur minds thanks for stopping by and happy painting