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Friday, February 12, 2010

My very first Tanjore painting

புன்னை மரத்தடி குழந்தை கிருஷ்ணர்
Baby sri krishna under the sacred tree

This was my first venture with regard to Tanjore painting .,the speciality is I made this painting with materials completely available in the local stores (US), me and my friend  very instantly  decided to do the same subject. Hearty Thanks to our  friend Aishu who helped us with the basics of tanjore painting.Thanks to mrs.Nimmi birla 's(i believe thats her name) video demo on tanjore art  board making and its sequels on youtube here 's the link to her videos

 Before begining this project we were'nt sure about the availability of resources in US ..we explored togather to find the stuff around  in Michaels , home depot and amazon.and this is what we found out.

The supplies for Tanjore painting are
1.chalk powder -available at Home depot or lowes in different colours try  to get  light color.

2.stones or crystals- rhine stones (adhesive backed)available pretty much everywhere, michaels,walmart online.........in different sizes shapes and colors.

3.Arabic gum-Michaels in the art section

4.crafters glue-michaels or from any where you like

5.Gold foil-Michaels ..  its better to feel the texture before buying it there are different varieties of foil .It should not be too thin(it crumbles in your hand on touching)  or too thick( wont get the impression from the embossed area.)I just used imitation gold foil ,I wanted to try my hands on it first ,once
 I am confident i thought of investing in original 22 ct  gold foils.

6. fine markers and paints

7.Reference picture

This is the style of painting in which u can project all your decorative skills ,crisp and neat edges make it look elegant ,crystals beads and gold foil add richness to them

finally we completed our paintings and both of us were happy with our results.Though we chose the same subject both of our  paintings looked very much different from each other


vishnu said...

Hey Reshmi,

Finally had a chance to explore your blogspot, and read it, very useful info for those who have passion for painting. You have did excellent job with the same. Keep going and keep rocking. Wish you best of luck.

reshmi said...

thanx chandu

Sripriya said...

Hi -
Your tanjore painting is truly splendid. Which brand of Gold Foil did you find to be appropriate at Michaels.

Anu Menon said...

Can you tell me where i can find the arabic gum please...

reshmi said...

hi anu where do u live ? If u live in US u cud find it in Michaels or AC moore or PLAZA If u live in India u get it pretty much in all the art supply stores.

reshmi said...

The brand i used was not so good bcoz it was very delicate and got wrinkled very easily.if u can get the ones available in India thats excellent

Rap said...

Your work is amazing. I have a couple of questions. How much time did it take you to finish this project. I understand that everyone is different, but I just want to knwo the rought time it would take. Also, how much was the material expense?

reshmi said...

@rap as u already mentioned each persons time consumed is unique but for tanjore painting it wud surely take 10 days minimum and the material prices are not too high except for gold foil for which i opted the dupliate and it also depends on where u reside any way all the best guys with ur new projets in tanjore painting

Mahesh Eswar said...

Hi, Do you know of anyone in New Jersey who can teach Tanjore paintings? If yes please send me their contact details at mahesheswar@yahoo.com.

reshmi said...

@mahesh eshwar i have moved to chennai si i have no idea but i positively feel there wud be some place there where u can learn the art

Pavan Devatha said...

Hi rashmee,
I found a beautiful collection at www.tarangarts.com, check it out.

reshmi said...

thanks pavan will surely check it

jai's blog said...

Hi, Am Jaishree and have been doing tanjore paintings for a long time now. I am in Canada for the last six months and was wondering where to get the materials. Thanks for your info...it is really helpful.

A tip for u, when I practice tanjore paintings, instead of gold foil, I was using fevicryl gold dust with varnish paint, which the gold never fades and also looks elegant. May be you can try this!

Keep up the good work!
Best Regards,
Jaishree Chandrasekhar

reshmi said...

sure jaishreee will surely try it out and blog it thank u very much for this tip

Vishnupriya reddy said...

Hi reshmi,
Ur blog is very helpful for beginners like me.I recently move to usa.I would like to know whats the best source for getting the pictures that u want to use for Tanjore painting.what about the size of the picture as often the pictures downloaded from internet are good for a4 size. I am planning to make a slightly bigger one.

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