Tuesday, November 20, 2012

my amateur efforts in pencil portraits

portraits...ive always stayed away from them ...though at times i dared to try it ..when i dont get the perfect shape  and at that stage i feel demotivated,so i decided to learn more about portraits .i joined malar institute of fine arts at perungudi chennai where i learned little bit about portrait drawing.
Im displaying some portraits that i did b4 n after the course

 This was one of my daring attempt...though in the reference photo the child was of much younger age in my pic the child looked much older than original ...this was done b4 my portrait lessons.
 This work dates back in 2009 ..i was inspired by an orkut community on pencilshading (i do not remember the name now)which gave step by step tutorial with photos ,the outcome was not even closer to  the original work but i was convinced
 This work was a result of the motivation i got from Vasan's portrait series......
 this was my very first attempt in portrait...i tried to draw my daughter ...with a ballpoint pen...this was done on a lazy sunday afternoon back in 2009
 This is one among my latest works, after completing few lessons i gained some confidence in attempting a difficult subject (to me)like this.
 my mom gifted me a book on Raja Ravivarma which had a vague sketch of his milkmaid ...thus got inspired

these are among my new works ..... and im planning for some more of higher difficulty level ...hope u enjoyed and thanx for stopping by.

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