Saturday, February 13, 2010

love for nature

pleasent waterfall  oil on canvas

I am a person who can sit down for a day and watch the rain splashing down through the leaves and grass......As a child ..........visiting my grandma's place in kochi which in my opinion , is one of the most beautiful places on earth, was a relish to my eyes and mind.The beaches , the back waters ,rivers and lakes,the coconut trees they  all have great impact on me,Now I live in  US where I got to experience majestic snow clad mountains,valley of evergreens, ferns and aspens  ,serene landscapes, fresh spring blossoms,vallies of  stunning tulips and daffodills ,freezing blue winter , scenic fall foliage,pleasent country side and so on, and has inspired the potential in me 
The above painting was a result of the love for nature ,I had conceived this idea in my mind long back,a small stream slipping through the rocks on a green grassy mountain slope with some evergreen trees around but had no idea how to bring it on a canvas ,it was then I saw the program " Joy of Painting "by Bob Ross on a  PBS channel for the first time,I cannot explain by words the joy i experienced on that day,the way he magically transforms a plain white canvas to a beautiful landscape(heres a video link for one of his programs) then on  till now i try not to miss even  one episode,as the tittle suggest its really a joy of painting. so I learned the techniques of painting waterfall ,reflection leaves and so on  thats how I could put togather this "pleasent waterfall"
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ramani said...

U ve done a wonderful job in setting up this blog to expose ur innate talent and for the art lovers who cud peep in to get a piece of ur mind....great going...u ve inspired me...i m thinking of wielding my brush after a long gap..i ll take some tips from ur blog and ask some of my friends to refer ur blog...

reshmi said...

thannks a lot chechi

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