Wednesday, February 10, 2010

small informations about acrylics

This is one of my acrylic paintings,  I named it  "The big red" I got the inspiration ,when I visited GALLERY 44,an art gallery  near my apartment,the vibrant red color cought my eyes and could not move away,so I ended up painting my own version of it.

In this post i just thought of sharing some small info about acrylics
I started with oils and wanted to try my hands in acrylics , after trying it  I was'nt sure to continue  since I was not happy with the results, .On getting a deeper knowledge about acrylics ,I was able to work effectively .

Acrylic is a versatile fast drying medium that can be used direct from the tube like oils or thinned with water to be used like watercolor.

Acrylic paints dry fast  so squeeze only a little paint out of the tube

Use a spray bottle to spray a mist of water over the paint to keep it moist.

If you wish to blend colors while painting with acrylics ,we need to work faster ,since it dries faster, if you are painting on a paper dampening the paper would help slow the drying process.

As said earlier when used thick or with very little water or medium  like oils its an opaque medium and when thinned with water and used like watercolor its a transparent medim.

hope this post was of  some help

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