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Sunday, March 7, 2010

my watercolor works

lunch at the patio table

I was inspired to do this painting  on reading a book by an English artist ,her subjects always being still life  ,the lighting in her painting is worth mentioning.

cotton tail

I learned  some interesting techniques in watercolor while doing this art work, i.e.,the use of masking fluid in order to retain the white highlights in a painting ,the results were amazing.and painting was much more easier than the traditional method,


The interesting part of this painting is the texture in the center of the flower ,that was created by sprinkling  table salt while the paint is still wet and brushed away when dry...this creates interesting texture.

snowy rock
For this painting I followd the traditional way of retaining whites .This is a simple paintining ,that would defenitely complement the wall where its framed and hanged.

hidden waterfall
This painting helped me learn to  create water in  water color.

seagulls @the beach

This is another painting that again focuses  water and shadows of the birds...and so on

hope u enjoyed this post

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your work is lovely..

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