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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips that might help while painting

painting  is not just a hobby to me ...i could tell for sure that its  a habit 

I read somewhere that while painting ,  mistakes never happen only happy accidents occur ,I realised how true it was ...... I've experienced it ..

   This is one of my favourites ,my very second oil painting on canvas size 16 x 20 , the inspiration was from a calender ,I named it "sunset @ canyon beach"

so here r some tips that I've learned

1.While choosing our subject ... its really important to choose a subject that ignites a spark in our mind,
choose the one you like 

2.Once we choose a subject the subject  in detail, observe the colours ,if its a photo ,put it in a place where we can see it often,this  would boost our inspiration and helps us decide  the colours and position of the subject (ofcourse remind us about the painting waiting to be finished by us)

3. Its always better to mix the paint on our palette ,than on our canvas . ,this helps to avoid mess 

4. Being stingy with the paint ,ofcourse will make the painting aweful

5.Applying   all the leftover paints on,t the canvas....... just to avoid wasting them ....well  by doing this  ..we'll be wasting our painting 

6.We must allow ourself ample time to work otherwise we'll end up loosing our initial inspiration(this might be a real challenge for most of us)

7. We do not have to fix each and every mistake  on the canvas ,as i told u earlier they r not mistakes  they are happy accidents .

8.We dont have to think too much ...........i feel its more of a feeling thing than  an intellectual thing

9.Do not try to paint like someone else...try  being  ourself

10. Its always better to trust our instincts and our selves and leave the rest , do not worry abut the result

hope you enjoyed this post,wish u happy painting


shanthi said...

I know you are Good Artist.. after reading your wonderful tips writing ..Looks like you have good writing skills too..why dont you start exploring that field also..

Beautiful Work: Canyon Beach

reshmi said...

thanks shaan as usual u r the first person to motivate me

Krithi Krish said...

hi reshmi
your paintings are lovely & so is this post. thanks for the tips.

Tarang Sinha said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips :) As a beginner, it's really difficult for me to paint as per my imagination. Is it okay to copy some photo?

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