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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stages of water colour

I just thought of sharing the gist of different stages of basic water colour technique

we could explore the first few stages in this post


This stage is applicable to any medium , ...the point is what ever we work on...... we need a proper work space with sufficient lighting ...preferably natural lighting   and access to all the resource we need .By this i did not mean a hi-tech studio with hi-tech lighting etc etc,to begin with a table and a chair in a corner of your room(preferably near window )will be more than enough


a.First pick our subject

b.Jot down ideas in the form of value sketch

c.Explore subjects in terms of dark and light tones

d.value sketch  is a rough pencil sketch of what we plan to paint


This is a light pencil outline of a subject to be portrayed  on the water colour paper

We do not use white paint  in transparent watercolour ,any white in a painting is the white of the paper,we must decide on the white areas of painting even before we start painting so we can leave that area blank.
The other method of preserving white is by masking the area where it needs to be white
for this we can use either
masking fluid 
masking  tape
I thought of giving details on this in my next post 

hope this post was informative

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